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Rainbow Loom Benelux

Rainbow Loom® videos

This website contains videos showing various creations that can be made with Rainbow Loom® products. If you would like to watch a video in a language other than English, various videos can be found online. We show several Rainbow Loom® examples on this website that you can make with rubber bands, amongst other materials. Countless other creative projects can also be found online, of course, such as jackets, dolls and accessories.

These are made using the rubber bands. Numerous other examples of fabulous creations can be found online, including flip flops, jackets, dolls, dresses and more.

From beginner to advanced to pro

Happy looming!

Rainbowloom Youtube filmpjes

Level: Beginner

Single Chain Bracelet

Diamond Bracelet

Diamond Ridge Bracelet

Honeycomb Bracelet

Single Rhombug Bracelet

Triangle Bracelet

Speckled Rhombus Bracelet

Diamond Trio Bracelet

Spiral Bracelet

Bead Ladder Bracelet

Triple Single Bracelet

Triple Single Backpack Tag

Level: Advanced

Taffy Twist Bracelet

Double Bead Ladder Bracelet

Rainbow Ladder Bracelet

Zippy Chain Bracelet

Holiday Bracelet

Liberty Twist Bracelet

Team Spirit Bracelet

Double Forward Rhombus

Double Rearward Rhombus

Tulip Tower Bracelet

Crossed Hexagon Ring

Butterfly Blossom Ring

Sweetheart Bracelet

Heart Bracelet

Serpentine Bracelet

Butterfly Blossoms Bracelet

Diamond with Rings Bracelet

Triple Single with Rings

Raindrops Bracelet

The Rectangle Bracelet

Rose Garden Bracelet

Upsy Daisy Twistzy Wistzy

Level: Pro

Zig Zag Bracelet

Starfish Bracelet

Twistzy Wistzy Bracelet

Ladybug Bracelet

Honey Bee Bracelet

Star Burst Bracelet

Flower Power Bracelet

Rainbow Blooms Bracelet

Rainbow Bloom Charm

Carnation Bracelet

Bird of Paradise Bracelet

Delta Wing Bracelet

Totem Pole Bracelet

Fen's Fantastic Bracelet

Feather Bracelet

Confetti Criss-Cross

Hibiscus Bracelet