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Rainbow Loom Benelux

The difference between the original Rainbow Loom® and fakes

How to recognise a fake:

For every successful product, there will always be companies looking to profit from the creation. Unfortunately, there are also companies that give in to the temptation to produce a fake Rainbow Loom®.

Protecting Rainbow Loom®

Choon's Design takes the protection of Rainbow Loom® very seriously and takes action around the world to protect Choon's rights and those of consumers against possibly dangerous illegal products offered by counterfeiters and retailers.

1. Choon's Design currently has IP rights to brand names, copyrights and Design registrations in the EU.

2. Choon's Design actively registers EP patent requests and other applications in countries around the world.

3. Choon's Design strictly enforces these IP rights against counterfeiters and fakes. These actions are coordinated across all of Europe together with local customs authorities.

4. Counterfeit Rainbow Loom® products pose a genuine danger to the public because they are not likely to be officially CE-certified for the use of materials, amongst other things. Moreover, inferior quality materials are used that result in breakage and, consequently, sharp edges that pose a danger for public health.

5. Choon's Design has initiated legal proceedings in the U.S., China and Japan and is preparing to do the same in the Benelux.

Confiscations have taken place in the Benelux, particularly during the past two months. Together with customs the import of goods is strictly regulated for illegal import into the EEC, and a large number of shipments have been confiscated.

Rainbow Loom Benelux contact

5. (continued) REACT has been engaged to combat counterfeit Rainbow Loom® products. REACT is an organisation with more than 20 years of experience in efficiently combating counterfeit trade in the toy industry, amongst other sectors. REACT has experience with dealing with virtually every aspect of copyright infringement and has a large international network.

REACT is currently preparing various actions for the month of August in collaboration with the exclusive Benelux importer, IT Netherlands BV.

All Rainbow Loom® products, such as the Monstertail™ and Upgradekit™, have a secret code on the packaging. This code is found under a scratch-off hologram sticker. Products without this sticker and code are counterfeit and therefore illegal.

In addition, almost every website that sells the official Rainbow Loom® contains the document 'How to recognise a fake' that can be downloaded or a detailed explanation of this. Since the introduction early this year, IT Netherlands has provided detailed information on counterfeits to current retailers, a problem that all serious retailers take into account.