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Rainbow Loom Benelux


What is Rainbow Loom®?

Rainbow Loom® is the only genuine original brand that can be found in millions of YouTube videos. The Internet is filled with Rainbow Loom®'s huge success story. It has been proclaimed Toy of the Year in the U.S. and the Rainbow Loom® has now also been nominated Toy of the Year in the Netherlands.

Popular Rainbow Loom® products are the Rainbow Loom® Starterkit™, Monstertail™ and Upgradekit ™, as well as the more than 70 different Rainbow Loom® rubber bands. Want to read more about the history of Rainbow Loom®? Click here.

Who is the importer/distributor in the Benelux?

IT Netherlands B.V. is the exclusive distributor for the Benelux. This company sells Rainbow Loom® to retailers.

Where can you buy the Rainbow Loom®?

The Rainbow Loom® is primarily available from well-established toy retailers. Official Rainbow Loom® products are also available from hobby shops, quality bookshops and specialised websites.

What materials are used to make Rainbow Loom® rubber bands?

Rainbow Loom® has two types of rubber bands and a total of over 70 varieties. The two types of bands are latex-free rubber bands and latex-free silicone bands. The rubber bands are available in Opaque and Jelly (transparent) varieties.

Rainbow Loom® bands contain no lead, latex, BPA or phthalates. It goes without saying that the bands are TUV and CE certified.

The inventor and owner, Cheong Choon, has a technical background and invested considerably in research and development, resulting in absolute top-quality products. Rainbow Loom® bands are always superior to other rubber bands because only the best quality material is used to make them. Rainbow Loom® has developed a special formula to ensure this. Great care has also been devoted to the materials used in order to ensure full compliance with all safety requirements. The most significant difference is found in the welded seams, giving Rainbow Loom® bands a strength, stability and colourfastness that is superior to all others. This makes Rainbow Loom® perfect for making complicated creations.

The quality is aimed at the long term, unlike other suppliers with inferior products who only think in terms of the short term.

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